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Filing system load requirements

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Dec 05, 2016

1, single spaced evenly loaded shelf 40kg double 80kg uniform load, maximum deflection of less than 4mm,24h after uninstalling, shelf has no cracks, residual quantity of distortion is less than 0.3mm.

Section 2: standard (six double-sided shelf) at full load (each single shelf uniform load 40kg) case, frame, a column with no apparent deformation, frame without dumping.

3, a full load of cases, filing under the hands-on manipulation of the columns run freely, without blocking. Each standard manual remote power not less than 12N. 4, under full load 1/20 forces (along the x and y axis horizontal forces in both directions) after repeated 100 times, cancel the force, the tilt is not greater than the total height of 1%, brackets, columns with no apparent deformation.