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Locker room use

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Dec 05, 2016

In most families, concepts not yet established in the dressing room. Large closet in the bedroom mirror around the open space can be improvised and dressing. However the frequent change of modern lifestyle offered by the occasion, makes the change it becomes important. From a bunch of noisy clothes and crammed full of shoe to pick out the rates to decent and proper regalia, is an annoying thing. Maybe need clothes not found, sweat dripping well ruined makeup carefully.

So, more and more people begin to pay attention to this corner of the layout. Called the "corner", because it covers an area of small, like a small storage room. In the dressing room, the wardrobe is essential. Wardrobe design, reflects the changing room is convenient and practical with work. Clothes placed in order, at a glance is a basic requirement, or dressing rooms are useless. Condition is good, interior decoration and halls matching the overall style. Have a good ventilation and lighting of the shutters. Carpet of flowers, best wardrobe colors don't conflict with other rooms. This locker room has naturally become an integral part of modern family life.