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Assembling Method Of Folding Cabinet

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Oct 20, 2017

Folding cabinets with the gradual popularity, businessmen are also trying to do their best to design and manufacture a lot of models, because the use of folding cabinets are young people, Foldable Cabinet mostly single family, there is a large number of college graduates. Their life is relatively simple, the preferred style is the best simple fashion, or small and fresh, girls will be more like.

Folding cabinets, that is, the use of a lot of thin steel tube built into the cabinet, there is a bar can also hang clothes, the following can also be put a lot of items, and then with a beautiful cloth curtains cover, feel very perfect. This cabinet composed of steel frame can be assembled at will, convenient installation, Foldable Cabinet occupy the space is not very big, not only use and look and beautiful, because of the use of steel pipe, the price is slightly higher. Another kind of folding cabinet is also very popular, with high density resin composition, these resin color bright, texture is very light, plus beautiful embossing, put in my is not only can put clothes, Foldable Cabinet but also a very good ornament, the price is slightly lower than the previous one. The simplest and cheapest book closet, only the fabric and supporting rod composition, if the cloth selection of beautiful words are also very beautiful, there are hanging clothes bar, you can hang to the inside, and then put a few boxes, you can differentiate by category, this kind of cabinet economic benefits.

With the furniture industry in the society's continuous development. The style of the Cabinet brand no longer has a single feature and use. In order to facilitate their own needs, people invented a simple folding cabinet. Both practical and convenient, but also carry the journey.

The so-called folding cabinets, in fact, refers to the free disassembly of the simple cabinet. Folding cabinets are generally divided into two kinds of material bracket, one is a retractable metal frame cabinet frame, the other is the steel-wood structure folding cabinet. The latter is more durable, in the adornment convenience also has certain superiority.

The use of high-quality steel pipe, electrostatic spraying, rust-proof strong, Foldable Cabinet plastic parts for ABS raw materials, high strength, good toughness. The folding cabinet does not need any auxiliary tools, the normal person can assemble freely, Foldable Cabinet also does not need the screw to be fixed, does not destroy the home floor and the wall; The folding cabinet can also transform the assembly style arbitrarily, add the fitting, therefore can move its position at any time according to the need.

The traditional cabinet size is larger, the weight needs at least two person or more than two above to be able to lift to move and cannot disassemble. But folding cabinets have the opposite advantage: small size, light weight, easy to carry, disassembly and installation, so folding cabinets for many consumers save a lot of energy and time. Foldable Cabinet This is also living in the high-rise floor of the city to work a family of the most enthusiastic choice!

Folding cabinets can be divided into cloth cabinets and steel folding cabinets and the high density resin pieces of the folding cabinet from three kinds of styles, the former disassembly is convenient, easy to clean, but also according to their preferences to check the color and style; Foldable Cabinet The second one can be covered with fine and soft curtains; the last appearance is a translucent scrub, The texture is very light, the color is bright, equally beautiful and durable.

Folding Cabinet Assembly method

1. First of all, the folding cabinet connection and the bottom of the bracket are all connected, the cloth first from the bottom of the sleeve. Connect the upper part of the folding cabinet with the lower part, insert the inside of the hall according to the hole position, and finally the outermost cloth pulls up and sets up. Fold the fitted bracket into the cloth sleeve.

2. The rest of the folding cabinet of the tube inside the cloth, and then the cloth to pull up, cover the top of the pipe installed in the position, and then the overall adjustment to pave the end of the stent of the 4-foot tube fully pull out the four corners of the sleeve. In the folding cabinet installed 2 top bar, will be left-hand light pull cloth cover the top of the right hand will be stuck in the top buckle can be completed.