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File Cabinet Stability

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

The benefits of putting wheels on the cabinet

In order to make it easy to move. Let the feet of the filing cabinet be replaced by wheels.

Yes, but not just that simple, the wheels will make our office become extremely smart.

Do not expect your file cabinet to be replaced by a wheel It is transformed into a BMW car, File Cabinet the cabinet wheel and the car wheel are really two different things.

The most direct effect of the wheel on the filing cabinet is that it can be easily moved. For those who need to move the furniture, this is the most obvious. A wheeled steel filing cabinet can be pulled to the bed by hand, without having to move out of bed to move it over.

The wheels allow the cabinet to have the ability to cross the space and thus break the definition of the various functional spaces.

For an office, this space is basically immutable, and the contents of the space can be changed according to different needs, the wheels will undoubtedly provide a convenient space changes.

A file cabinet, which makes it stand by the wall, then it may be a filling or decoration of the room at this time. When he was needed, he was pulled into the center of the room, File Cabinet and it became the subject of space. This is the role of the wheel, it can change the layout of the room in an instant, change the role of furniture and identity, so that furniture is more flexible, but also the office space is full of plasticity.

What are the guarantees and stability of filing cabinets?

First, the material:

1 .. galvanized sheet without pickling, phosphating, rust treatment;

2. Cabinet surface using New Zealand imported mixed thermosetting powder coating, File Cabinet file cabinet high temperature

  Second, the characteristics:

1. Slide the door after several tests to ensure smooth and smooth opening and closing, up and down are equipped with smooth rail;

2. such as assembly and disassembly structure design, File Cabinet easy transportation and storage;

3. Professional anti-theft lock for the standard device;

4. Cabinet board can be placed in the standard A4 folder, laminates can be linked to the following A4 folder;

5. Cabinet board can be free to adjust the height of demand;

6. Horizontal adjustment device at the bottom of the cabinet to enhance safety and stability.

7. A variety of handle, File Cabinet lock and password lock to choose from;

8. Straight file filing cabinets provide huge storage capacity;

9. Fine and smooth shape, the structure of precision and solid;

10. With a variety of cabinet group with a flexible, differentiate between different types of documents;

11. Door can be done 100 ° opening and closing

Third, the process: AutoCAD-aided design, mold sheet metal line steel sheet stamping; automatic nine-station (degreasing, pure water cleaning, heating degreasing phosphating, table transfer, drying process, etc.) All parts before all the pre-treatment to ensure that the surface does not contain oil and corrosion; File Cabinet welding using digital welding machine and carbon dioxide welding welding to ensure that the workpiece welding strength and smooth welding smooth;

Fourth, the product features: structural system in line with GB / T13667.3-92. Surface coating durable, resistant to stamping, corrosion-resistant, clean and beautiful, non-flammable, moisture does not deformation. Up and down with a combination of infinite extension.