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File Cabinet To Simple

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

File cabinets should be noted when buying, because a suitable file cabinet is also important for storing files. Hefei file cabinet manufacturers to the following under the introduction.

If the office space is relatively small, the choice of large file cabinet but it seems depressed, so for different sizes (such as the size of the office), File Cabinet but the size of the office Of the office, if the size of the appropriate choice of office file cabinet.

Second, choose a simple style of the file cabinet and flash is the procurement of office furniture taboo, choose the file cabinet style should not be too fancy, complex, it is best to simple. Simple style file cabinets can also facilitate the daily access of office workers in the future. Huadu Group's open-door file cabinet, sliding door file cabinet are classic style file cabinet, can be very helpful to help users work.

Third, the choice of file cabinet material to be careful File cabinet materials are plastic, wood and steel points. But the plastic cabinet is very strong, because the file cabinet price is too high, so the steel file cabinet is the enterprise to use more furniture. In the selection of steel filing cabinets, pay attention to whether the raw materials for cold-rolled steel, File Cabinet spray technology has been treated by phosphating pickling.

Filing cabinets are generally more high-level use of enterprises, file cabinet symbolizes the high still, the price is higher than other documents of the file cabinet, so the maintenance must pay attention. Here to tell you about the file cabinet in the maintenance of attention to matters.

Do not use the wet cloth with water to wipe directly, because the water left in the cloth will penetrate into the material of the cabinet, File Cabinet making the material black and becoming moldy. For stubborn stains can be used to clean the surface cleaning agent.

When the file cabinet is placed, to prevent the oxidation of paint, please avoid direct sunlight. To prevent damage to the furniture structure, please avoid overloading. When you need to move try not to drag to avoid damage to the paint surface.

On the use of their own wooden cabinet cabinet, a layer of wax to protect the uniform smear work. As a result, the wood contained in the wooden cabinet, it will not be because of the dry weather in winter, File Cabinet there is the situation of excessive water loss.

General solid wood file cabinet solid wood containing water, air humidity is too low will shrink, too high will swell. Therefore, the use of placed should be noted that not too humid or too dry place, such as heating near the high temperature and high heat, or too wet basement and other places, File Cabinet so as to avoid mildew or dry and so on.

File cabinet in the maintenance should pay attention to the above points, to extend the life of the file cabinet and complete appearance.