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Folding Cabinet For Easy Disassembly Cleaning

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

Folding cabinets with the gradual popular, businesses are also trying to design a lot of models, because the use of folding cabinets are young people, mostly single family, there is a large number of college graduates The Their life is relatively simple, like the best style is simple fashion, Foldable Cabinet or small fresh, girls will be more like.

Folding cabinet features

1, no auxiliary tools, free assembly

2, no need to screw fixed, do not destroy the house

3, any change assembly style, the installation of accessories

4, flexible replacement of places (such as: cloakroom, storage room, balcony, bedroom)

5, the use of high-quality steel pipe, electrostatic spraying, anti-rust strong, plastic parts for the ABS material, high strength, good toughness.

Some of the fabric folding cabinet with a more convenient, Foldable Cabinet easy disassembly cleaning, you can choose. The nobility of a single apartment is easy to use with a folding cabinet!

What is the folding cabinet?

Steel frame type folding wardrobe, with a large number of fine steel pipe connected to build the overall steel frame, the bar can hang clothes, the bottom of a lot of iron can also place items, and then covered with exquisite soft curtain, it is perfect. This steel frame wardrobe strong load, free combination, Foldable Cabinet easy installation, space is not large, beautiful and practical, because the use of steel, the price of your side, probably between 600 yuan to 1,200 yuan.

The most simple folding cabinet is the cloth wardrobe, and by the support rod and fabric composition, the choice of beautiful fabrics will be very beautiful, cloth wardrobe inside the hanging clothes, you can hang clothes, the following can be placed several storage box , The items will be sorted out of different categories, Foldable Cabinet this simple cloth wardrobe affordable, probably between 70 yuan to 150 yuan.

High-density resin sheet made of folding folding box is also very popular, these resin film appearance was translucent matte, the texture is very light, bright colors, Foldable Cabinet with the surface of the exquisite embossing, at home can play a very good decorative effect , And the price is moderate, probably between $ 150 and $ 300.