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Folding Cabinet Is Widely Used

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

Folding cabinet fashionable and unique design, easy to carry for the exhibition design, can be folded 180 degrees, the use of direct charge away, multi-functional folding cabinet, folding thickness of only 4 cm, Foldable Cabinet save space for easy transport, Foldable Cabinet let us show Where you can bring where the next time you use the direct use of the open, no longer install, save time and effort.

Easy to install, save space, easy to transport, exhibition is a very good choice.

Folding cabinet material: aluminum alloy profiles, Foldable Cabinet imported fire board, tempered glass, connecting lock

Color: Matte Black, Matte Silver

Cabinet Color: Black

Features: grade, lightweight, beautiful, corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation, easy disassembly, Foldable Cabinet can be used repeatedly, according to the needs of users tailored, product quality, Foldable Cabinet folding cabinet renderings, high technical content, 1 folding cabinet, Solid, easy disassembly, color and diverse, widely used.

Folding cabinet features

1, no auxiliary tools, free assembly

2, no need to screw fixed, do not destroy the house

3, any change assembly style, Foldable Cabinet the installation of accessories

4, flexible replacement of places (such as: cloakroom, storage room, balcony, bedroom)

5, the use of high-quality steel pipe, electrostatic spraying, anti-rust strong, Foldable Cabinet plastic parts for the ABS material, high strength, good toughness.