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Folding Cabinet Practical

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

Folding cabinet is made of high quality aluminum alloy, the surface of the use of oxidation, the use of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy manufacturing, the standard common specifications 950 * 600 * 950mm, you can order other sizes, folding cabinet with a tight combination of the thickness of 1.5mm, The surface of the use of oxidation or powder coating, beautiful and durable, the surface wear. Foldable Cabinet With the import of three plywood and tempered glass, coupled with the effect of light more beautiful atmosphere on the grade. Folding display cabinet exquisite appearance, easy assembly, folding cabinet effect map, powerful, save labor, effectively reduce the cost of exhibiting, black folding cabinet, folding cabinet can be folded 180 degrees, connecting structure, corner pin, unique design, Foldable Cabinet multi-function Folding cabinet, can be repeatedly disassembled, retractable, easy to install, easy to store and carry, in line with the exhibition show time is short, fast installation, formal requirements, 3 folding cabinet, Foldable Cabinet you participate in all kinds of important exhibition equipment.

Uses: widely used in a variety of exhibition standard booths, such as Canton Fair, trade fairs, fairs, trade fairs, as well as jewelry stores, boutiques, shopping malls, cosmetics and other products on display.

Folding the price of the cabinet and its size, material has a great relationship, the following provides some of the folding cabinet price information for your reference

1, generally cheaper folding cabinet price between 60 to 100 yuan. Foldable Cabinet This folding cabinet size is relatively small, mostly cloth folding type, suitable for things less cheap to use.

2,100 ~ 200 yuan the price of the folding cabinet is very common, this interval folding cabinet practical, cost-effective. In addition to cloth folding wardrobe, there are plastic folding cabinets are also available.

3, large folding cabinet prices generally between 200 to 300 yuan, Foldable Cabinet but slightly better at around 400 yuan, the brand or large folding cabinet price will be about 500 yuan, if it is home can consider the election Buy this folding cabinet.