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Folding Cabinet Product Quality Is Good

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

Folding cabinet fashionable and unique design, easy to carry for the exhibition design, can be folded 180 degrees, the use of direct charge away, multi-functional folding cabinet, folding thickness of only 4 cm, Foldable Cabinet save space and facilitate transportation, let us Where you can bring where the next time you use the direct use of the open, no longer install, save time and effort.

Folding showcase can be finished product sales, but also wholesale aluminum and accessories supporting products, a large number of allows us to make your finished product, portable folding cabinet, because we make a fast time, fine workmanship. Folding Showcase easy to install, save space, easy to transport, Foldable Cabinet exhibition is a very good choice.

Folding cabinet material: aluminum alloy profiles, imported fire board, tempered glass, connecting lock

Color: Matte Black, Matte Silver

Cabinet Color: Black

Features: grade, lightweight, beautiful, corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation, easy disassembly, Foldable Cabinet can be used repeatedly, according to the needs of users tailored, product quality, folding cabinet renderings, high technical content, 1 folding cabinet, Solid, easy disassembly, color and diverse, widely used.

Folding cabinets have the advantages of folding and large capacity, folding cabinets are not suitable when the flat sheet, in addition to the top cover and the bottom of the bottom is fixed, the other four are Oxford cloth. Need to use the steel frame structure to open the four sides, the box immediately presents three-dimensional structure. Open the use of steel frame structure should pay attention to, Foldable Cabinet do not use brute force to hard break, hold to the right place on it.