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Folding Cabinet Wide Application Exhibition Center

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

Folding cabinets Fashionable, unique design, for the exhibition to carry convenient and design, can be folded 180 degrees, the use of direct, multi-functional folding cabinets, folding after the thickness of only 4 centimeters, save space, convenient transportation, Foldable Cabinet let us show where can be brought to where, the next time the use of direct open can be used, no longer installed, save time and effort.

Folding cabinets Easy to install, save space, easy to transport, is a very good choice for exhibition exhibitors.

Material: aluminum alloy profile, Foldable Cabinet imported fireproof board, tempered glass, connection lock

Color: Matte black, frosted silver

Cabinet Color: Black

Folding Cabinet Features: grade, lightweight, beautiful, corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation, disassembly convenient, can be used repeatedly

Folding cabinet materials mainly used high quality aluminum alloy, sophisticated production technology, reflecting the appearance of high-grade fashion, beautiful natural generous, simple installation, transport convenience, by the broad masses of customers at home and abroad praise and praise, Foldable Cabinet is the display products and advertising tools, strong technical force, widely used exhibition center, advertising tools.

Folding cabinets are used in public places to display promotional equipment products easy to communicate with customers to consult a form of exhibition, Foldable Cabinet can be opened folding and rugged features to become a lot of enterprise users to promote the selection of one of the objects, folding cabinets have high cabinets and low cabinets two kinds, to meet your different needs,

Folding Cabinet Customization has a one-time installation, saving labor, manual money, to save your costs and improve your time. In the exhibition. Jewelry Show. Mobile display, boutique display. Specifications. General rule 950. Width 550. Long 960. High Glass. LED Light band. The preparation, Foldable Cabinet the custom surface uses the oxidation treatment or the powder spraying, the appearance is durable, the surface wear-resisting.

Folding cabinets are mainly characterized by the use of open when not folded, small size, less point, moving, stacking, transportation and so very convenient.

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