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How To Maintain A Filing Cabinet

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

File cabinets, I believe you are not unfamiliar. File cabinets As the name suggests is to place files, data cabinets, convenient documents, data classification storage, thereby improving work efficiency, to achieve effective, File Cabinet classified office life. According to the different materials used in the file, it can be divided into three categories, namely, steel documents, plastic file cabinets, wooden cabinets. One of the steel file cabinets with its green environmental protection, rugged advantages of modern office people love.

The document cabinet has the characteristic mainly manifests in three aspects, uses the high quality steel plate system in the material. From shearing, stamping, bending, welding, File Cabinet equipment and other technology excellence, in the cabinet surface using automatic spraying phosphating, sub-halo oxygen, to ensure that electrostatic spraying coating is not easy to fall off, smooth and beautiful. On the clapboard through enhanced processing, rugged, can store a large number of books, documents and so on.

Office furniture in a variety of cabinets, file cabinets are different from other tool cabinets, storage cabinets are mainly embodied in three aspects, File Cabinet respectively, the use of materials, prices.

First, use: file cabinets are mainly stored in the text of the nature of information, documents, books.

Second, Material: file cabinets of various material, mainly iron, wood, steel.

Third, Price: Because of the different materials, File Cabinet prices are also all differences.

When it comes to filing cabinets, we have to mention that the maintenance of the file cabinets, maintenance methods can be based on the different file cabinet materials to choose, small compiled for you to summarize three different materials file cabinets maintenance methods:

1, Wood file cabinets: Wooden file Cabinets Maintenance key is clean, avoid the spirit of scraping flowers.

2, steel file cabinets: Often with clean towels to wipe out, to avoid placing in the humid water environment.

3, Cloth-type file cabinets: Daily care only with a clean wet towel wipe can remove stains, File Cabinet for stubborn stains just add a little detergent cleaning agent.