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Strong Bearing Capacity Of Folding Cabinet

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

Folding Cabinet Material: Aluminum alloy profile, imported fireproof board, tempered glass, connection lock

Color: Matte black, frosted silver

Cabinet Color: Black

Features: grade, lightweight, beautiful, corrosion-resistant, antioxidant, easy to disassemble, can be reused, according to the needs of users to measure the body custom, product quality, folding cabinet effect map, high technical content, 1 folding cabinets, strong structure, easy disassembly, color diversity, wide use.

Folding cabinets used materials are 100%HDPE material, moisture-proof, durable, easy to clean, adapt to ambient temperature between -20℃~75℃, with space saving, Foldable Cabinet reduce the benefits of transport costs, often used in logistics and distribution process, particularly suitable for tobacco, books and other industries to use, full load can be stacked seven layers, has been widely applicable to commercial circulation, distribution and warehousing. With pallet can be mechanized handling, to achieve the rationalization of circulation, Foldable Cabinet improve work efficiency and facilitate management. SHG Folding cabinet features can be summed up as follows:

First, the material for high-density polyethylene synthesis, high hardness, light weight, long service life.

Second, can be folded after stacking storage, saving more than two-thirds of the use of space.

Third, strong bearing capacity, can be achieved in one-shaped turnover cabinet.

Four, external size models are diverse, Foldable Cabinet with different specifications to choose from.

Five, the cabinet body each side wall has the reinforcement design, may enhance the loading ability, and reduces the side wall distortion rate.

Six, the Ark cover and the cabinet body link reasonable, guarantees the strength and the opening smoothly, the cabinet cover each other to bite freely, does not lag, closes after guarantees the two flaps Ark cover is the same plane, guarantees the cabinet body seal and the stacking pressure dispersion.

Seven, the bottom of the cabinet with Non-slip grain design, Foldable Cabinet significantly improve the folding cabinets in storage heap code stability and security, so that cabinets in the pipeline running more smoothly. When the lid is closed, the short side has the stacking limit block can play the role of limit, to ensure that the full load of the code will not slide, and will not die in the inside, to prevent dislocation shift.