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Strong Versatility In Vertical Filing Cabinets

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Vertical filing cabinets are not necessarily made of iron, usually by cold-rolled steel plate through a specific process of exquisite cabinet, applicable to documents, files, data and other items storage, basically will be used in this kind of cabinet storage. Vertical filing cabinets for the characteristics of its material can be used for a longer period of time, resistance to a certain impact, with lock security.

1 vertical file cabinet surface through automatic spraying phosphating, environmental protection coating electrostatic spraying, strong adhesion, smooth and clean, safe and durable, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet non-toxic and tasteless characteristics. Vertical filing cabinet is a punching and cutting finish with high precision and versatility. High-standard welding technology, stable structure.

2 Vertical Filing cabinets can be installed and dismantled structure, conducive to transport and storage. Vertical file cabinet Process complete precision, security and stability, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet the cabinet is divided into multiple compartments. The built-in clapboard is strengthened and the compressive property is good. Some vertical filing cabinets can adjust the height of the clapboard, storage of different specifications of the document.

3 Steel Plate After a series of complex processes, with a significant wear-resistant, fire, rust, anti-corrosion, moisture and other characteristics, increase the use of life.

4 Vertical file cabinet installation security better lock can be effective anti-theft, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet and not easily through the destruction of cabinets and steal internal data.

Vertical file cabinet Surface Electrostatic powder spray, environmental protection non-toxic, odorless;

The welding part adopts high standard welding, smooth surface;

To open the door, move the door, take to take more convenient;

The design of vertical filing cabinet storage System is reasonable;

Selection of materials, exquisite workmanship, perfect function.

Vertical file cabinet is a major feature is not rust, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet the thickness of the iron plate is very good, in the combination, a variety of combinations can give vertical filing cabinets bring huge business opportunities.

Vertical file cabinet Rust-proof ability will be stronger, long life, every part is a punching finish, high precision, versatility, smooth surface, the overall structure of the firm, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet the product also has environmental protection role.