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The File Cabinet Can Store A Lot Of Books

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

File cabinet is used to place documents, information and other cabinets, file cabinet form is more, it has a lot of types, there are wooden cabinets, there are commoner cabinets and so on.

File cabinet according to the different materials to be classified, mainly divided into the following categories:

1, plastic file cabinet plastic file cabinet is actually a file cabinet, File Cabinet mainly used to store some frequently used files, but should pay attention to is not too heavy file information, pay attention to its load load, do not pay attention It will make it deformation.

2, steel filing cabinet At present, steel file cabinet is the most popular. Steel filing cabinet is a green file cabinet, it is easy to long haul haul. File Cabinet Mainly used to store long-term preservation of the file information. Features: From the material point of view it made with high quality steel, after cutting, stamping, welding and then assembled can be made into. From the counter to see with the paint spray can make the counter is not easy to fall off, contribute to environmental protection and durability, and beautiful, but also extend its service life, File Cabinet after intensive treatment, it has a solid role, you can store a large number of books , That is their advantage.

3, wooden file cabinet wooden file cabinet appearance looks more upscale, the general file cabinet is used to put the boss on the table, File Cabinet this file cabinet looks more retro.

The characteristics of the file cabinet:

1, in general, the file cabinet is relatively light, strong, can be easily placed mobile, unlike the same wardrobe is dead, is not easy to move.

2, the price of the file cabinet is more economical and reasonable, File Cabinet and is more environmentally friendly, can be repeated use, life is relatively long

3, we have a file cabinet, the office is more convenient, and can improve our work efficiency

4, the color of the file cabinet is relatively light, comfortable and refreshing, and feel it is generous.

5, the capacity of the file cabinet is relatively large, File Cabinet but the volume is relatively small, do not occupy the area 6, now the file cabinet can be combined, can be assembled, easy handling and office. 7, the file cabinet is made of metal, so life is relatively long, but also easier to maintain

8, the file cabinet door is free to choose their own, File Cabinet there are glass doors, drawers, mobile doors, we can choose according to their own choice.

9, file cabinet is relatively no need to install, can be used directly, so that is more convenient, suitable for our now fast way of life.

File cabinet processing requirements:

1, processing and manufacturing requirements of all sheet and pipe processing parts, File Cabinet polished after processing burr, no cracks and scars. All welded firmly, weld marks smooth, smooth.

2, the manufacturing tolerance requirements of each group after assembly, the outline size (length and width) limit deviation of 2mm. Inclination of not more than 3mm. Interstage gaps are consistent, the gap should be 1-2mm.

3, the surface treatment requirements that in order to ensure that the file cabinet, bed long-term non-corrosive, coating does not fall off, selected environmentally friendly plastic powder (through the ISO9001 quality system and ISO4001 environmental protection system certification), File Cabinet and specify a strict surface treatment process, specific The process is as follows: hot water off fat -> cold water cleaning - neutralization - hot phosphating treatment - cold water cleaning - heat passivation - powder - curing, and the use of today's popular international matt treatment, beautiful luxury, solid surface , Strong adhesion.

4, the appearance requirements (1) file cabinets, steel filing cabinets, intensive cabinets, wardrobe, filing cabinet parts, assembly, smooth surface, smooth.

(2) color according to the contract requirements, the same surface color, paint are smooth, no scratches.

File cabinet should pay attention to what to buy

A: When buying a cabinet, be sure to carefully view the internal structure of the welding technology, as well as close the solder joints, solid goods more durable, File Cabinet the use of relatively strong performance, and can store more information.

2: the surface of the cabinet only after phosphating and pickling can play the role of moisture and rust, but some manufacturers but only clean the cold plate with oil, no pickling and phosphating process, in the spray powder It can not be fully integrated in the steel plate, resulting in less moisture-proof function.

Three: this product is the most common, in the furniture store in the pavement is the most, its advantages and disadvantages are many, advantages: low price, good color, but the board is poor, not extended, generally in one to two If you use the table, you can use the table for three to five years, File Cabinet but to ensure that the indoor dry and ventilated, because in the paste when the skin will add some chemical composition of the sticky Glue, how much will affect your health.

Four: in the selection of the time should first pull out the drawer to see whether the left and right sides of the slide without burrs, paste the skin feel, File Cabinet the joints at the interface hand slip no burr, no teeth, look at the bottom of the cabinet, Its smooth degree, to see if the edge is straight, whether the paint is uniform, no color, the board of the seams at the Department of splicing is appropriate, File Cabinet so in the initial selection of the first off. The next is the internal strength of the board, usually in the density board (2.5 thick) -based, and in the signing of the purchase contract when the promoters write clear material, so as to ensure your own legitimate rights and interests.