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The Material Of Vertical Filing Cabinet

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

The vertical filing cabinets are of paramount importance both to senior executives and to general office staff, both as group bosses and as managers of large companies.

Vertical filing cabinets apply to the placement of various types of documents, can be printed labels, posted in the appropriate location, clear classification, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet need to read the document, it is a glance.

In the purchase of vertical filing cabinets, should pay attention to the following aspects:

(1) Appearance

Vertical filing cabinets for the appearance of the flatness requirements more stringent, its edges and corners to standardize, and the formation of the angle of 90 degrees of right angle. When buying, touch the panel with your hand to see if it is smooth and not have sharp edges outside.

(2) Material

It is very important to know the material of the vertical filing cabinet, for good vertical filing cabinet, it is generally used to use the cold-rolled plate with excellent plasticity. Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet Its thickness is more than 0.7 mm (in general, lower than this thickness of the plate easily deformed).

(3) Process

Vertical filing cabinets should not rust, otherwise it will give people a sense of disrepair, damage to the office of Feng Shui. Many well-known manufacturers, with strong technical force, is gradually improving the vertical file cabinet technology content. Some manufacturers use electrostatic powder injection molding process, and the phosphating treatment, this can prolong the service life of vertical filing cabinets.

(4) Accessories

Vertical file cabinet Accessories such as locks, tracks and pulleys, its flexibility, wear resistance, etc. in the vertical filing cabinets in the purchase is also not negligible details, it will directly affect the day-to-day use of work.

At present, the more common vertical file cabinets are mainly steel vertical file cabinets and solid wood vertical file cabinets, material is not the same vertical file cabinet role is not the same. For office furniture, steel vertical file cabinets and solid wood vertical file cabinets have their advantages. Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet Choice Bai furniture for you to analyze the pros and cons of the two:

Steel vertical Filing cabinets have a great advantage, whether it is fire resistance, strong and environmental protection. Steel vertical filing cabinets are usually cold rolled steel plate, and then in the appearance of the selection of galvanized, hot dip zinc, powder electrostatic spraying, and many other technology, rugged use. And from the view of the whole, the steel vertical file cabinet is the contrast concise, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet the economical light mobile storage equipment, is convenient, through.

Solid wood furniture has always been very popular furniture varieties, about solid wood raw materials, vertical file cabinets are also so, high-grade, the atmosphere, but it also has a large contrast of the defects, that is, the environment and the temperature of the request is high, not moistureproof, but also simple to be moth-eaten, so the selection of solid wood type vertical filing cabinets need to think more If you really want to feel the wood is also able to choose Choice Bai's transfer of steel vertical file cabinets, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet through the transfer technology to the wood texture printed in the steel vertical file cabinet on the surface of the atmosphere of the same grade.

In addition, the price of solid wood furniture is more expensive, this is because of the recent rise in timber, and steel vertical file cabinets Relative prices are relatively low, and recycled prices are higher than wood quality, from the economic efficiency of the steel vertical filing cabinets are also more cost-effective.

So overall, if you pay special attention to the appearance of the office compared to the Chinese wind, the solid wood vertical filing cabinets have a special pursuit, and the conditions allow, you can choose a vertical file cabinet. If you attach importance to practicality, modernization, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet the steel vertical filing cabinets is a good choice!