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The Size Of The File Cabinet Is Relatively Large

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Oct 20, 2017

File cabinet price According to the choice of material quality, material thickness, production process, size specifications, and so on, generally superior material, thicker thickness, the larger the size, the price of the file cabinet will be more expensive. Generally this kind of file cabinet price in 360~900 yuan, of course, the quality of good will be thousands of yuan. The price of thin steel plate is about $number yuan, File Cabinet the thickness of a good work of about 500~900 yuan, super large because of the large amount of supplies, the price will rise to $number yuan. The market on the file cabinets also have to weigh, the general price of 5.5 yuan/kg.

File cabinet Features

1, the filing cabinets are not necessarily made of iron, usually by cold-rolled steel plate through a specific process of exquisite cabinet, applicable to documents, files, information and other items storage, many companies will use this kind of confidential documents stored. File cabinets for the characteristics of their material can be used for a longer period of time, File Cabinet resistance to a certain impact, with the lock is safe.

2, file cabinet surface after automatic spraying phosphating, environmental protection coating electrostatic spray treatment, film adhesion strong, smooth and clean, safe and durable, non-toxic and tasteless characteristics. File cabinet parts and components is a punching finish, high precision, universal. File Cabinet High-standard welding technology, stable structure.

3, the filing cabinet can be made into a demolition structure, conducive to transport and storage. The file cabinet process is complete and precise, safe and stable, the cabinet is divided into several compartments. The built-in clapboard is strengthened and the compressive property is good. Some file cabinets can be adjusted to the height of the clapboard, storage of different specifications of the document.

4, steel plate after a series of complex processes, with a significant wear-resistant, fire, rust, anti-corrosion, moisture and other characteristics, increase the use of life. File cabinet installation Security better lock can be effective anti-theft, and not easily through the destruction of cabinets and steal internal data.

Advantages of Filing cabinets:

1, generally speaking, file cabinets are relatively light, strong, can be easily placed mobile, not like the wardrobe is more dead, it is not easy to move.

2, the price of the file cabinet is more economical and reasonable, File Cabinet and is also more environmentally friendly, can be reused, life is also relatively long

3, we have a file cabinet, the office is more convenient, can be very good to improve our efficiency

4, the color of the file cabinet is relatively light, comfortable and refreshing, and feel is generous.

5, the file cabinet capacity is relatively large, but the volume is relatively small, does not occupy the area of

6, the current filing cabinets can be combined, can be assembled, File Cabinet convenient handling and office.

7, the file cabinets are made of metal, so life expectancy is relatively long, but also easier to maintain

8, the door of the file cabinet can choose freely, have glass door, drawer, move door, we can choose according to own choice.

9, file cabinets are relatively no need for special installation, can be used directly, File Cabinet so it is relatively convenient, suitable for our current fast lifestyle.