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Vertical File Cabinet Design Flexible And Convenient

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

Work in a lot of time will use vertical file cabinet, according to different classification criteria is divided into a lot of types, we usually use the standing, that is, high vertical file cabinet. May rarely see the horizontal vertical file cabinet, its application is not wide. Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet Nantong furniture horizontal horizontal file cabinet compared to vertical, but it has many benefits:

The design of the vertical cabinet requires the design of the overall styling style, size specification, function and use performance through the design of dialectical ideas. Horizontal vertical file cabinet is the biggest feature of its single move down design, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet because the cabinet center of gravity and standing different, the lower the center of gravity is more stable, horizontal vertical file cabinet because of its low center of gravity, so It is very stable, and some standing vertical file cabinet cabinet may be because of the inside of the things that are unreasonable, resulting in dumping.

Followed by horizontal drawer book office documents, opening and closing smoothly, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet it is convenient for us to take the file. Central lock cabinet design, to ensure that each door tightly locked. Install the fixed pole on both sides of the cabinet side to strengthen the rigidity of the cabinet. The level of adjustment device installed in the bottom of the cabinet, which can contain four cup feet, easy to use.

Vertical file cabinet can effectively use the space, according to the office space and the size of the staff of the random combination of specific circumstances, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet this design is flexible and convenient, very user-friendly, more greatly improve our work efficiency.

Vertical file cabinet selection of the three elements

If the office is relatively open, you can choose the vertical large-scale vertical file cabinet, increase the office grade; but if the office space is relatively small, the choice of large vertical file cabinet instead It seems depressed, so for different sizes of the office, if the size of the office to choose a suitable vertical file cabinet.

Elements Second, the choice of simple style of the vertical file cabinet is not the procurement of office furniture, taboo, choose the style of vertical file cabinet should not be too fancy, complex, it is best to simple. Simple style of the vertical file cabinet can also facilitate future office workers daily access to information. Huadu Group's open-door vertical file cabinet, sliding door vertical file cabinet are classic style vertical file cabinet, can be very helpful to help users work.

Elements three, select the vertical file cabinet material to be careful Vertical file cabinet material is plastic, wood and steel points. But the plastic cabinet is very strong, because the wooden vertical file cabinet price is too high, so the steel vertical file cabinet is the enterprise to use more furniture. In the selection of steel vertical file cabinet, pay attention to whether the raw materials for cold-rolled steel, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet spray technology has been treated by phosphating pickling.