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Vertical File Cabinet Storage Function Is Good

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

The so-called vertical file cabinet, as the name suggests is to put the file, the information cabinet. In the narrow sense of the vertical file cabinet, is specifically used to place office documents, information cabinets, generally on the office, study, etc .; generalized vertical file cabinet, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet can be used to place a variety of things. In accordance with the details of the function to include the general cabinet, intensive cabinets, drawing cabinets, wardrobe, lockers, key cabinets, shoe cabinets, staff counters, such as customized metal cabinet.

Vertical file cabinet size, style

Under normal circumstances require vertical file cabinet size to be large, large size of the vertical file cabinet both seem generous and let the office look high. At the same time large size of the vertical file cabinet can also put more, larger files items. Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet Vertical file cabinet style generally from simple, style can not be complicated, mainly simple and simple. Modern life is more popular and simple.

Vertical file cabinet of the material, the choice of color

Vertical file cabinet material is generally selected solid wood is better. Solid wood of the vertical file cabinet is also more environmentally friendly high-end. The market of vertical filing cabinets, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet the main substrate used by the particleboard, MDF, large core board, logs four categories. Particleboard, MDF and large core board three, manufacturers use the raw materials, different technology, its quality, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet the price there is a world of difference, which can be a difference of 3 to 5 times. In the color, but also mainly to dark-based, dark vertical file cabinet is more dignified, generous.

Features of vertical filing cabinets

Vertical file cabinet with light, strong, easy to move, adjust the location, and affordable, cheap, economic and environmental protection, low cost; Moreover, large capacity, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet and the small size of the cabinet. To meet the needs of the file placement, but not the cost of space; easy maintenance, easy cleaning, commonly used often new, create a good working environment; metal products, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet vertical file cabinet, durable. As long as the protection is good, the material will not change; drawer vertical file cabinet can sort the desktop page information, as well as home and so on.

Vertical filing cabinet features

First, the vertical file cabinet light, strong, placed and moving are very easy.

Second, the vertical file cabinet price is moderate, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet economic and environmental protection, low cost.

Third, the vertical file cabinet capacity, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet and its cabinet size is also very small, to fully meet the needs of storage documents, but also will not cause space to waste.

Fourth, the vertical file cabinet is easy to maintain, easy to clean, is conducive to shaping a good working environment. Drawer-style vertical file cabinet to facilitate the finishing of the desktop page information, its storage function is also very good.

Vertical file cabinet purchase method

First, the surface of the vertical file cabinet only after phosphating and pickling can play the role of moisture and rust, but some manufacturers of the process, in the spray powder can not be fully integrated in the steel plate, the vertical file cabinet The moisture-proof function will be relatively poor.

Second, check the vertical file cabinet hardware, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet whether there is cracks, scars, welding parts should be full, solid, smooth, smooth.

Third, look at how large the storage capacity of the file, storage performance.

Fourth, in the selection should first pull out the drawer to see whether the left and right sides of the slide without burrs, paste the skin feel how, seams at the interface whether there is no burr, no teeth, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet see the bottom of the vertical cabinet, Touch the smooth degree of hand to see whether the straight edge, the paint is uniform, no color, the surface of the skin seams at the color of convergence is appropriate.

Vertical file cabinet maintenance method

First, the maintenance of electroplating and sandblasting glass vertical filing cabinets

1, vertical vertical file cabinet should not always move in the file to be smooth, heavier objects should be placed in the vertical vertical cabinet at the bottom, to prevent vertical file cabinet center of gravity instability overturned.

2, pay attention to the use of items such as cups, vertical vertical file cabinet glass surface do not go hard to touch.

3, should pay attention to vertical vertical file cabinet should avoid contact with acid, alkali and other chemical reagents, so as to avoid vertical vertical file cabinet corrosion deterioration.

4, in the daily cleaning, only need to often use a clean dry flannel or towel can be wiped, if you encounter stains with a towel dipped in beer or warm vinegar can be erased, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet the market for sale of glass cleaning lotion can also Use, but can not use acid-base solution to clean. In addition, the coating of the product can be coated once a month rust-proof oil to extend the service life.

5, move the vertical vertical file cabinet during the process should seize the fine metal movement, try to avoid grasping the glass table.