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Vertical Filing Cabinets Can Be Easily Moved

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

Vertical filing cabinet refers to just placed Office documents, information cabinets, generally placed in the office, study and other places, the broad sense of vertical filing cabinets generally contain information cabinets, dense cabinets, drawing cabinets, wardrobe, lockers, shoes cabinets, cabinets and so on.

Characteristics of vertical Filing cabinets:

1, in general, vertical filing cabinets are relatively light, strong, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet can be easily placed mobile, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet not like the wardrobe is more dead, is not easy to move.

1, the price of vertical filing cabinets is more economical and reasonable, and is also more environmentally friendly, can be reused, life is also relatively long

3, we have a vertical file cabinet, the office is more convenient, can be very good to improve our efficiency

4, vertical file cabinet color is relatively light, comfortable and refreshing, and feel is generous.

5, vertical file cabinet capacity is relatively large, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet but the volume is relatively small, does not occupy the area of

6, the current vertical filing cabinets can be combined, can be assembled, convenient handling and office.

7, vertical filing cabinets are made of metal, so the life expectancy is relatively long, but also relatively easy to maintain

8, the door of vertical file cabinet can choose freely, have glass door, drawer, move door, we can choose according to own choice.

9, vertical file cabinets are relatively no need for special installation, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet can be used directly, so it is relatively convenient, suitable for our current fast lifestyle.

Vertical Filing Cabinets processing requirements:

1, processing and manufacturing requirements

All sheet and tube processing parts, grinding burr after processing, no cracks and scars. All welds are firm, the weld marks are smooth and flat.

Selection method of vertical filing cabinet

First, vertical file cabinet surface only after phosphating and pickling can play the role of moistureproof rust, but some manufacturers in the process, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet in the spray powder can not be fully integrated in the steel plate, vertical file cabinet moisture-proof function will be poorer.

Second, check the vertical file cabinets of the metal parts are cracks, scars, welding parts should be full, firm, smooth, clean.

Third, see how much storage capacity, storage performance.

Four, in the selection should first pull out the drawer, to see whether the left and right side of the chute without burrs, how to touch the skin, the joint interface is no burr, no teeth, look at the vertical file cabinet of the outside side, with the hand to touch its smoothness, to see whether the edge is straight, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet whether the paint surface is uniform, colorless, the surface of the skin joint is appropriate.

2. Manufacturing Tolerance Requirements

After each group is assembled, the outer outline size (length width height) limit deviation 2mm. Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet Tilt is not less than 3mm. The gap between the joints is consistent and the clearance should be 1-2mm.