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Vertical Filing Cabinets For Fast Modern Life

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Oct 20, 2017

With the development of the economy, the office environment has been greatly improved, white-collar file cabinets of the pro-Lai increasingly, this is the key to the vertical filing cabinets of their own merits decided.

Features and advantages of vertical filing Cabinets

1, affordable, cheap, economic and environmental protection, low-cost;

2, light, strong, can be easily placed mobile, adjust the position, not like wood furniture moved two times will fall apart;

3, convenient and fast, suitable for office, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet conducive to improving work efficiency;

4, modern light, comfortable and refreshing, concise and tidy, generous;

5, the capacity is big, and the cabinet body volume is small. To meet the needs of file placement, but also a bad fee space;

6. Strong combination, adapt to changeable and irregular space. Single layer multilayer cabinet, can overlap and assemble;

7, Metal products, durable. As long as the protection is good, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet the material will not change;

8, the style is many, the choice is strong, the glass door, the drawer, the movable door optional;

9, without special installation, can be used directly, especially for fast modern life;

10, easy to maintain, clean and convenient, often new, to shape a good working environment.

Characteristics of vertical Filing cabinets:

1, in general, vertical filing cabinets are relatively light, strong, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet can be easily placed mobile, not like the wardrobe is more dead, is not easy to move.

2, the price of vertical filing cabinets is more economical and reasonable, and is also more environmentally friendly, can be reused, life is also relatively long

3, we have a vertical file cabinet, the office is more convenient, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet can be very good to improve our efficiency

4, vertical file cabinet color is relatively light, comfortable and refreshing, and feel is generous.

5, vertical file cabinet capacity is relatively large, but the volume is relatively small, does not occupy the area of

6, the current vertical filing cabinets can be combined, can be assembled, convenient handling and office.

7, vertical filing cabinets are made of metal, so the life expectancy is relatively long, but also relatively easy to maintain

8, the door of vertical file cabinet can choose freely, have glass door, drawer, move door, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet we can choose according to own choice.

9, vertical filing cabinets are relatively not required for special installation, can be used directly, so it is relatively convenient, suitable for our current fast lifestyle

What to pay attention to when choosing a vertical filing cabinet

One: The purchase of vertical filing cabinets, must be careful to check the internal structure of the welding technology, as well as the solder joints close, strong products are more durable, the use of strong performance, and can also store more information.

Two: Vertical file cabinet surface only after phosphating and pickling can play the role of moistureproof rust, but some manufacturers only use oil to clean cold-rolled plate, no pickling and phosphating process, in the spray powder can not fully fuse in the steel plate, resulting in poor moisture function.

Three: This product is currently the most common, in the furniture store shop is also the most, its advantages and disadvantages are many, the advantages: Low prices, good color, but poor quality, Bunian, generally in a year or so will be aging, variant, but inside the plate if used well, this table you can use 3-5 years, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet But to ensure that indoor drying, ventilation, because in the paper when the skin, will add some of the chemical composition of viscose, how much to your health will have an impact.

Four: In the selection should first pull out the drawer to see the left and right side of the chute without burrs, the touch of the skin, the joint interface hand slip without burr, no teeth, see the vertical file cabinet panel of the bottom of the outside, with the hand to touch its smoothness, to see whether the edge is straight, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet whether the paint is uniform, colorless, and the surface of the skin joint of the flower type is properly linked, This makes the first pass in the preliminary selection. Next is the internal force of the plate, generally in the medium density board (2.5 thick), and in the signing of the purchase and urge the dealer to write the material, so as to ensure your own legitimate rights and interests.