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Vertical Filing Cabinets Meet File Placement Needs

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

Vertical filing cabinets are cabinets for storing documents and information. Narrow-sense vertical filing cabinets are specifically used to place Office documents, information cabinets, generally placed in the office, study and other places

Vertical File cabinet Features:

First, vertical filing cabinets light, strong, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet can be easily placed and moved.

Second, vertical filing cabinets affordable, economic and environmental protection, low cost.

Third, the capacity of the vertical file cabinet, and the size of the cabinet is small, can fully meet the file storage needs, but also a bad fee space.

Four, vertical filing cabinets easy to maintain, easy to clean, conducive to shaping a good working environment. Drawer-Type Vertical filing cabinets to facilitate the collation of the page on the table material, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet has a good storage function.

Maintenance of vertical filing cabinet

1, peacetime should pay attention to regular cleaning, avoid hard objects or sharp device scraping flowers, for stubborn stains can be wiped with detergent.

2. In order to prevent the oxidation of paint, vertical filing cabinets should avoid direct sunlight.

3, to prevent the furniture structure damage, should avoid overload use.

4, when the need to move vertical filing cabinets, try not to drag to avoid damaging the surface of the paint.

Vertical filing cabinet with light, strong, easy to move, adjust the position, and affordable, cheap, economical and environmental protection, low-cost; Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet To meet the needs of file placement, but also the cost of space, easy to maintain, clean and convenient, often new, to create a good working environment, metal products, vertical filing cabinets, durable. As long as the protection is good, the material will not change; drawer-type vertical filing cabinets can be arranged on the desktop page data, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet as well as the settlement.