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Vertical Filing Cabinets Meet The Requirements Of The Office Environment

Eternal Top Industrial Limited | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

A vertical file cabinet is a cabinet that places documents, materials and files in an office. Whether it is government agencies, or enterprises, vertical filing cabinets are essential office vertical file cabinet. Steel vertical file cabinet in the daily office environment is widely used, the core material is cold-rolled steel plate, in terms of fire resistance, firmness and environmental performance has a significant advantage. Steel vertical file cabinet with cold-rolled steel plate, durable and long service life, simple and generous style is not easy to obsolete, easy to file the long-term preservation. Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet Huadu vertical file cabinet with high-quality imported locks and electronic password lock, suitable for storing important confidential documents.

Vertical file cabinet in accordance with the function is generally divided into vertical file cabinets, cabinets, wardrobe, short cabinets, counters, counters, cabinets and other drawings. Each vertical file cabinet has a conventional standard size, generally the most reasonable size structure, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet in line with most of the office environment requirements. Luoyang Huadu office vertical file cabinet factory for the standard size of the vertical file cabinet are fully stocked, easy to buy at any time.

Placed in the office area, can store files, files and other items, with the top of the flower rack to use more perfect

Cabinet structure scientific and reasonable, greater storage capacity, save space, shake easily, easy to use.

How to maintain a vertical file cabinet?

1, vertical file cabinet should be placed in the air circulation, more dry place, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet do not close to the fire or wet walls, to avoid sun exposure.

2, vertical file cabinet dust, the application of dust removal, try not to scrub with water, if necessary, can be wet with a thin soft cloth, do not use alkaline water, soapy water, detergent powder scrub, so as not to affect the paint brightness or cause Paint off.

3, vertical file cabinet to move off the ground when the move, do not push hard pull, so that the legs loose or damaged.

4, sofa, vertical file cabinet to be placed in a dry place to prevent the internal spring rust, affect the elastic.

5, the desktop do not put acid, Vertical Executive Filing Cabinet alkali corrosion substances, do not let go of water, aluminum pot, hot iron and so on.

6, chair sitting, should pay attention to 4 legs even force.